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Flower Haus is a creative floral design studio located in historic Shepherdstown, WV.  As florists we are focused on the integration of fresh flowers and their influence within our local community.  Since we started steadily developing work in 2012 we have developed an extensive portfolio that has truly honored our intention of bringing progressive concepts and innovative vision to the art of floral design.  It is our work, that fundamentally embraces the unique integrity of floral design while remaining a prominent and approachable florist for our community.

The integrity of our approach equally applies to all our work, whether it be a modest bouquet or an inspired installation.  It is not the scale of a design that provides a significant impact, but the genuine intention of artistry that elevates our work and sets us apart.  

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Our events are are always memorable.  No matter the budget we bring our best to make it yours. 

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We journey all over to source to most unique, interesting, and healthy plants we can find. 

We offer fresh flowers daily. We maintain the highest quality standards for all our local and exotic selections.

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We specialize in some truly rare flowers.  Join the club and experience flowers from all over the world.   

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