About us….

We develop compelling floral experiences that disrupt the definition of beauty, and inspire.

My love of beauty and the magic of each moment is what makes me a florist. 
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Floristry is the precise moment when impermanence and gratitude collide. The essence of true beauty in its many forms and interpretations. Our approach in design is to allow nature to gracefully represent itself in a skillfully crafted manner of integrity and innovation.

We treat all our clients, no matter the occasion, with this same volume of respect and appreciation. You as an individual deserve the right to express yourself in whichever means of beauty represents you the strongest.  We, as florists, are responsible for providing you inspiration. At Flower Haus, we tell your story, in your words, with our floral passion.

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How it all started: The Art of Theatre

My curiosity of what motivates us (as a culture) to engage with the evolving expression of floristry, is what inspired a deep desire and passion for understanding flowers in their truest form.

It is undeniable that my history with the circus has been one of the most influential experiences to shape my perspective as a florist. Not only the parallels of dedication, discipline, and the endless practice of a craft, but more so the necessity of blending and celebrating our diverse cultural heritage and global landscape.

When the studio first opened nearly a decade ago we focused our ambitions on blending the narrative approach of theatre into the high style of contemporary event design and production. This investigation challenged every perspective we held on floristry and how we as artists incorporate our selves into the work. Not only did we challenge our aesthetic as designers and creatives but also as growers and innovators of diverse mechanics in design. This pioneering approach placed us in a very progressive relationship with our industry and colleagues.  

Community and Place

Today, holding strong with these reflections on community, diversity, and accessibility is what pushed us “upstream” into a storefront studio location while most other retail floral establishments started declining around us. 

As artists, we are responsible for the progression of our craft and must dedicate ourselves to reinterpreting the application of our work. In doing so, it became imperative to revolutionize the way of which retail florists approach their audience. If we were to resign ourselves simply to “high art” the integrity and intention of the work would be lost amongst our culture. We have and continue to have the most abundant opportunities to design and perform at some of the world’s most recognized venues, yet being present and available every day to our immediate community is what informs our passion of artistry.


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  • White House Floral Apprentice

  • Stylist & Designer for The Inn at Little Washington

  • Floral Designer for International brands such as The Sofitel, W Hotels, Ritz Carllton, Park Hyatt, Willard International, etc. 

Certified: Innovative Everyday Design / Floriology Institute 

Silver Medalist at Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 / “Feed Your Head”

Bronze Medalist at Philadelphia Flower Show 2018 / “Hereafter”

Runner Up in #TeachFloralContest

Lifetime achievement honor for “most creative collection” of work at the International Circus Festival of Albecete

In pursuit of accreditation with American Institute of Floral Designers and The European Masters Certification