Video: Flora Philosophy: Impermanence

Intro: A quick summary of how the many elements of impermanence influence my work as an artist.

Transcribed video:
Hey, here we are episode three of Flora Philosophy. Today I wanted to talk about impermanence and how it influences and affects my work as a florist. It might be pretty obvious to consider that flowers themselves are impermanent and that's all there is to it. However, it is much deeper than that. Of course the impermanence of flowers is very relevant and very relative to an everyday struggle of bringing them to their greatest potential. We as florists are responsible for acquiring flowers, processing flowers, hydrating and caring and tending to them throughout their entire life cycle so that when they're presented to you that they are in their strongest, healthiest, most beautiful state. So that actual routine and practice of working with flowers as an impermanent subject and bringing them to their greatest expression is one whole beautiful part of the process.

The other element where impermanence take shape is actually working with those flowers in order to create a composition or a design within a vessel or an armature. That too, of course, is impermanent. And what becomes interesting at this point of the work is every single choice you make takes an effect on the actual design itself. Every cut that you put a flower through, of course, affects the longevity of that flower. And once that's cut, what's done is done. So it's very important that you find a workflow and a balance and a sense of shared energy and exchange with the flowers you're working with in order to be making those active decisions with a certain awareness and a certain understanding of that impermanence. It takes a lot of energy, investment and effort to bring a flower to its greatest potential. It takes just as more discipline and dedication to combine all of those blooms and integrate those elements into a single design. That is the point of impermanence. That is the moment in time when you present flowers or when you receive flowers that makes you gasp and just kind of take your breath and really appreciate that exact moment.

And that moment in itself is also impermanent. So impermanence is a constant factor within floristry. Understanding it and embracing it is a huge influence on my life as an individual and as an artist. So impermanence truly is the fundamental appreciation and awareness of life. And being an artist who has dedicated and devoted their work to bringing the strongest energy and essence and representation of that life by way of working with floristry truly does impact me as an individual and my role and relationship with my community and my business. So please understand that. I just wanted to share quickly about how impermanence really does influence everything about who I am as an artist. Thanks.

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