Video: Color / #teachfloralcontest

Intro: This short video helps to describe how we use extra textures to better blend bold and vivid colors in design.

Video Transcribed:

Hey guys, hope you're enjoying the day. We're certainly enjoying ourselves here at the shop today because we are playing with color, really bright, strong, vivid colors too, which happen to be purple and orange. These two colors are fantastic, incredibly cheerful. But as you can see, when they're next to each other, well, it's a little tacky and kind of looks a little sherbet like. Not exactly our style. So, we wanted to talk about how you can take two very vivid, strong colors than might contrast each other a bit, but really pull them together to make one composition for the design. We prepared two samples to help explain this to you. The first is kind of the norm, what you might get from your everyday flower shop.

And this, as you can see, when you look up a little bit closer to it, each of these colors only has a green foliage between them. So, you're getting a lot more contrast between these purples and orange. So, it tends to look a bit more like a polka dot kind of a design. Your eyes kind of go a little crazy trying to figure out what's going on in the design. You don't see the composition as a whole. So, what we tend to do is focus really, really intently on the foliage and the textures that go between these colors because these colors are beautiful and incredibly cheerful, and perfect for a birthday celebration or something really exciting in life. So, we want to be sure and blend those two together a little bit more cohesively.

Sample number two, of course, a little bit more our style here because it's going to incorporate all of those different textures. And you'll see these extra textures bring a deeper tone to the entire composition and really pull light into the arrangement, allowing these strong colors to blend a little more seamlessly together. What really does that is this agonus folia, just a deep plum color. And that really helps with this purple tone, it helps bring that down. Instead of using a really broad eucalyptus, like a silver dollar that's just going to reflect a lot more light and continue to elevate the brightness of these colors, we use a nice part of a folia, foliage. It's another eucalyptus. It's a slightly smaller petal, and it creates more depth because it's not pulling as much light into the design.

And then these blackberries are great because they have a nice plum color as well to help pull down this purple rose. But obviously as it ripens, the stem is a little bit more green closer into the arrangement. So, it brings a little bit more depth again into that color. And then of course this blue thistle really, really helps bring that range together. Because if you look right on the spectrum, between that purple and orange sits blue. So, that really helps you pull this whole palette together into one seamless composition, so that when you're presenting this bouquet, you're able to experience the entire design, the full expression of excitement that comes with these flowers. Hope you enjoy it. That's just a quick tip. Of course we're going to share more along the way of what makes our designs just a little bit different than the others. Have a good day. Enjoy your weekends.

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