Video: Flora Philosophy: Action within Artistry

Intro: Another fun rant about my motivation to remain Active within Artistry

Video Transcription:

Hello. Hello. We are back at it with episode four of Flora Philosophy, and today I wanted to touch on action within artistry. Now that might be a little bit unusual of a statement as far as something that really influences my work. In the past we've talked about very relative things to floristry specifically, but taking action within my artistry is really fundamental to the way that I approach work and how I approach my overall business development. By having the space and being very active in my artistry kinda goes a couple of different directions. One of which is actively practicing the art form itself every single day. Being very active in the art that I have chosen to dedicate myself to is necessary because every day you bring a different perspective, a different set of skills, or a different source of information that's really compiling all of these elements together to give you action in that artistry.

Another element that's really profound for me is actually putting forward community action within my artistry, being active within my community is fundamental, one, because I'm a small business owner, but, two, just cause I like to think I'm a pretty decent guy and that what I'm trying to do is contributing and giving back and really harnessing this essence of beauty and being really active with that and being really active and engaging people and understanding the accessibility and the availability of beauty in their life. So that has a lot of philosophy for me, which is why we're here at Flora Philosophy is just to talk about why those things are important. So being active every day and practicing my art, necessary. That is action. Giving that art over to my community and to my friends and my colleagues, again, very active, very necessary because that's me sharing myself and being very active within the world around me.

All of that of course comes back by way of both practicing and sharing by giving me energy to re-engage, to rediscover and again be active in the creative process that has to change every single time you come through a different moment in your life. You can't approach the same work over and over and over and expect something different to come out. And it's just not possible. You just have to accept that simple fact. You have to remain active in your pursuit and understanding of yourself, especially by way of producing art.

So for me, action and artistry is fundamental. Just being active in general is super important. Whether that's through art, activism, any means possible that keeps your energy moving and your energy flowing and engaged and connected with the world around you, you just gotta be active. And for me, as I said, that's practicing my art every day. It's actively giving my art away everyday and sharing that with everyone and bringing back that energy and to taking action of finding a newer, bigger, brighter self to apply to my art so that that just continues to snowball and evolve. So that is why being active in my artistry is pretty fundamental in my work as a florist. Thanks.

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