Video: Flora Philosophy: Integration

Intro: A quick glimpse into my passion behind floristry. Integration !

Video Transcription:
Hey guys, coming at you with episode one of Flora Philosophy. Flora philosophy is a little segment where I like to just rant for a couple of moments about what inspires or influences my work as a florist. So today I wanted to talk about integration.

Integration is so fundamental to my work and so inspiring, that I can't resist. Integrating all of the diverse elements that are available to us as florists, it's just necessary. The whole concept of beauty in this world is diversity, the whole idea of bringing all of those diverse elements together into one vessel is so rewarding to me. Being able to design and work with product from all over the world that's grown so differently in so many different regions, by way of so many different cultures and heritage is just so beautiful.

So privileged to have that opportunity day after day after day to engage with a representation of beauty from all over this world. And then to sit here in this tiny little town, Shepherdstown in West Virginia, and pull all of those beautiful diverse elements together into one single vessel is so beautiful, it's such an amazing opportunity as an artist. And integrating all of those elements into that single composition, so that someone walks in and it's like, "Oh, it's beautiful."

It's so gratifying because yes, it's beautiful because there's a representation of everything all together, all as one single story, all of those different perspectives, all of those cultures, all of that heritage in one single place. Thriving together, interacting and engaging with each other to build this energy of excitement through floristry that just overwhelms your senses, and just makes you step back and take a breath.

Working with that kind of integration and having that kind of diversity available to me as an artist is so fundamental to the person that I am and the person I'm becoming. So integration and diversity, hands down, huge influence on my work. Thanks guys.

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