Video: Fragrance / #teachfloralcontest

Intro: This is a quick clip about why fragrance is so critical in floral design.

Video Transcribed:

Hey guys, welcome back. Thanks for joining us here at Flower Haus for another quick video. We wanted to take a minute to discuss with you the importance and significance of fragrance as it applies to floral design. Fragrance can be just as exciting as it can be devastating to the overall experience. For example, if we're doing centerpieces for a dining event and we're using very sweet, strong scented flowers and that completely contradicts the aroma of all the dishes being served, then that can completely spoil the entire palate at the experience.

Also, people have very quick responses and memories to fragrance, so using flowers such as lily or carnation that are typically funereal flowers, might not always be appropriately timed or bring back kind of some somber or sadder memories. Whereas very refreshing, strong spring fragrances such as hyacinth or lilac, might not be appropriate in the heart of winter.

So that's why we ask you guys so many questions because so many people have varied relationships with fragrance. So using fragrance is very important and using it correctly is pretty critical to having a positive engagement with the actual floral design as it's presented.

A question we get asked a lot when you guys come into the shop is why don't grocery store flowers smell as amazing as your flowers? And of course there's a lot of science that goes into answering that question. But basically a flower with a shorter life is going to have a stronger fragrance. That's pretty simple for the sake of attracting pollinators more efficiently and more quickly because it has less time to do it. So with that concept in mind, farmers have started hybridizing rose especially, to have less fragrance in order to increase the shelf life. And that's because a lower grade flower that has very little to no fragrance, especially this rose, is going to spend a lot more time in a box than might be necessary.

So this rose here is grown by the exact same farm, in the exact same region as this farm. They are incredibly different flowers. The difference is the destination. This flower spends a lot less time in a box, is usually wet packed, travels in water, and it's usually clipped and refreshed along the way. This is typical to what we would have here in the shop. This is typical to what you would see in a grocery store. This doesn't offer much fragrance. This is overwhelmingly a beautiful aroma.

So the fragrance can also speak to the quality of the product, the quality of the design, and most importantly, the quality of the experience that you're hoping to provide by giving flowers.

So please pop on into the shop this week. We've got lots of beautiful smells. Excited to see you guys soon.

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