Video: Social Floristry

Intro: Social Floristry is our pioneering effort at Flower Haus to generate a renewed love and appreciation for flowers within our culture and community.

Video Transcribed:

Hey guys. Thank you so much for taking a moment to learn a little bit more about social floristry. Social floristry is a program we have pioneered here at Flower house in Shepherdstown. When we started the business so many years ago, we only worked with private clients from our private studio, mostly on private events.

That was an amazing experience and an amazing journey to learn about myself by way of working collaboratively with other people to create a moment, to create a memory. It would often take months and months of planning just to arrive at this one opportunity to achieve this one memory in life and I started to realize more and more that for me, myself, that experience, that memory should be every moment. It should be available in every passing second of our life. That is the fundamental core of social floristry. Flowers have predominantly informed everything about me, myself, and I. My understanding of the world at large has truly calm by a way of working with flowers and learning how to convey and express myself with beauty.

Social floristry is us offering that experience to you and to our community every day. Flower House as a storefront specifically has the mission of assuring you that flowers are accessible and available to you.

Within the American market flowers tend to be a commodity. They tend to be reserved for special occasions only. This is absurd. Flowers should be appreciated every day in every way. They are certainly more affordable than you might expect. They're much more accessible than you might expect. We as a flower shop in a very small town have access to flowers over every single inch of this world and we bring those here to you. We want to assure you that every ounce of beauty and every bit of diversity in this world is available to you and can be integrated into your life and into your community. Social floristry is that every day effort and intention of opening our store front and making flowers accessible and available to you.

All we do is ask that you embrace and engage that beauty and then take that back out into the world with you. No matter how that is or by what vehicle or what means. Please just come into their shop, experience the beauty of flowers, learn a little bit more about floristry. In doing so, I learned an amazing amount about myself and about who I have become and who I am willing to be. Flowers have profoundly influenced everything about me. They are beautiful. Please take advantage of this opportunity and come into flower house. We'd love to share this beauty with you.

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