Video: Texture / #teachfloralcontest

Intro: This is a quick clip of how and why texture really works to convey and connect the story of your design.

Video Transcribed:

Hey guys and welcome back. Thank you for joining us here at Flower House for another quick video. Today we wanted to talk about texture. If you know me even a little, you know how much I love texture. For me, texture is the one principle of element and design that truly evokes a sense of story. Texture really invites the participant to really come up to the bouquet, to touch the bouquet and kind of dive in and explore the entire world of which you've created within your design.

That being said, texture can still be some risky business. You can definitely go too far with texture. It can become a bit of a conflict or maybe almost off standish to the participant. You're really truly wanting to use texture to pull in the viewer, to really hear them share in your story. So a couple of tricks of the trade, one of which is definitely repetition within texture and the other is contrast.

As you can see, repetition here, this very dense, heavy anchor formation within this artichoke. We've created a delicate repetition here by using these beehive gingers that have a similar radio formation. They also have a nice shiny texture which help us pull all of this clustering throughout the rest of the bouquet by using these nice shiny high [ [inaudible 00:01:24]. That creates one consistent repetition throughout the entire bouquet.

So in order to invite a sense of contrast to that, you'll see these beautiful light, airy ferns built in, you see this grevillea as well as these beautiful delicate poppies. These poppies might not naturally fit within this landscape, but since we're using them as a contrast and it also use repetition within that contrast, they really sit nicely within this overall composition. Helps create a sense of harmony or unity with all of these different focals.

So with that in mind, what you can see happening here is lots of depth is being created, lots of curiosity within the sheltering of the different flowers and the different textures really invite you to touch them. Even some of the more rigid ones, you definitely want to feel what that might be like, and of course all of the contrast built into that repetition is what creates the harmony of this design.

So texture is definitely one significant, powerful way to convey story within the design. Not only can that story really create this sense of curiosity, but the actual tactile sensation and being curious of what things feel like is really what pulls in that engagement with the participant when you're sharing your design. Especially as a creative artist, you want to really, really be able to share a story and really convey or connect with the participants. So enjoy playing with texture and we'll catch you next time.

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