Everything is Free Now

As a creative I have found several mediums to express myself and my interpretation of this world we share. Most of you know me now as a florist and installation artist, however, not long ago I harnessed an entire career as an international circus artist and clown. One would think that neither of those two things have much of anything in common. I’d agree at first, but my life and artistry have grown to prove otherwise.

Both the art of performance and floristry share a very signifiant element at their core. One of which that has defined my every action as an adult; Impermanence. Wether it is a simple centerpiece or a moment on stage, the fact remains that neither of those creations will last any longer than the time shared. However, they both urge you as an audience to take a moment and embrace the experience of being present. If we do not allow ourselves the simple moment to appreciate artistry then we simply compromise our relationship with beauty.

As an aerialist I dedicated every ounce of my effort and intention to creating an expressive movement that came naturally from my body. This may now seem effortless but I assure you it took decades of discipline and dedication.

As you can imagine, this type of training is very demanding and can easily shift in perspective as the body begins to age. For me, in that moment of aging, I learned I had neglected a great amount of spiritual and personal development while focusing so deeply on my physical presence. This realization left me feeling a bit shattered and foolish.

Then, all of a sudden, I encountered flowers. Entirely by accident and with no intention whatsoever yet somehow I was entrapped and suddenly felt a sense of calm and clarity that I had never experienced. Naturally, when something catches you off guard and somehow answers all the questions you never asked, its time to dive in. Thus, I dedicated that same amount of energy that was once a full time performer to understanding the artistry of floral design. Not because I thought I’d be good at it, but more importantly because I knew there was something to be learned about the world around me by doing so.

It should be obvious at this point that my passion for art stems from my unending desire to experience and express our understanding of social structures and cultural influences as the human condition evolves.

That being said, I’m back to my original point that floristry and circus do actually have noting specific in common. Other than the fact that my love for both have found a way to blend together in my own world of artistic expression. Thus, giving me a unique perspective on the pursuit of beauty and the expression of movement in doing so.


Everything is free now,
That's what they say.
Everything I ever done,
Gotta give it away.
Someone hit the big score.
They figured it out,
That we're gonna do it anyway,
Even if doesn't pay.

I can get a tip jar,
Gas up the car,
And try to make a little change
Down at the bar.

Or I can get a straight job,
I've done it before.
I never minded working hard,
It's who I'm working for.


Every day I wake up,
Hummin' a song.
But I don't need to run around,
I just stay home.

And sing a little love song,
My love, to myself.
If there's something that you want to hear,
You can sing it yourself.

'Cause everything is free now,
That what I say.
No one's got to listen to
The words in my head.
Someone hit the big score,
And I figured it out,
That we're gonna do it anyway,
Even if doesn't pay.

Flower Haus