Event Design 

We genuinely want to get to know you and your preferences before getting too far along with the creative concepts for your event. It is important to our approach that we have an initial consultation and discuss the details that are of the highest priority to you.
There are a lot of moving parts to consider when developing an event and we leave no stone unturned. After meeting and developing our relationship we simply ask for a good faith deposit and then we dive right in. We will develop look books and proposals that truly showcase your style coupled with our refined skills.

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Event Date
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Event Venue
Have you decided on any specifics such as; color, theme and/or style of design?
Are you interested in having a custom designed ceremony altar?
How many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen?
If you're hosting a reception would you like additional designs for places such as; the bar, cake table, escort table, etc. ?
How many tables do you anticipate for guest seating? Have you thought of what type of centerpieces you'd like for those tables?
Please feel free to share any additional ideas or inspirations you have at this time. We understand things can change as the event evolves but let us know if you have anything special in mind.
How would you best describe the overall "tone" you'd like to share with your guests.
We do not require a minimum. However, it is necessary to know your goal so we can provide an accurate estimate.


We genuinely appreciate you taking the time and energy to inquire about our design services. Our passion for creating a unique and creative experience for your event starts with us getting to know you.