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We offer custom design packages for special events and celebrations.  Our approach does limit our availability and we typically only book one event per week. Please view some of our event work below and submit any inquiries via our contacts page. 

Services offered:

  • Personal Flowers
  • Altar Design
  • Centerpieces
  • Reception Decor
  • Corporate Concepts
  • Botanical Styling

We are always inspired by any opportunity to design event decor and flowers.  We also understand the many elements that can affect your budget.  Therefore, we do not impose any minimums and are happy to think creatively to ensure your event is unique to your style.


A Custom Altar Design Can Truly Make A Statement

We genuinely enjoy developing original concepts for special events.  Often we work closely with the Bride and Groom to develop a design that truly speaks to their style and reflects their authentic appreciation of each other.  


Choosing a style that compliments the venue is one way to build a cohesive 'look'

We always make the effort to tour any venues that we may have not yet designed for in the past.  It is one simple step we can take to ensure that our designs fit seamlessly into the environment.


Sometimes you just have to do it when the time is right!

Not all of our designs can just be 'manufactured' at the shop.  We specialize in custom designs and decor which often have to be sculpted on site.  This is one way to make your event truly "yours"!  We never build the same design twice and work diligently to think creatively with every event.


Flowers come is all shapes and Sizes

Why not try something a little different for your buffet next time? 

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Bold & Beautiful

We never steer away from strong colors. We love the vivid and striking tones of every color.  Wether we are combining a broad spectrum or working with a single tone we always push the boundaries.


It's Always great to show a little personality

We know it is your day and we do everythign we can to be sure you enjoy the day and never worry or think twice about the design.  We always have fun doing the work and it shows when your guests are having the time of their lives!

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