Event Design 

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We offer unique, custom, and original designs  for special events and celebrations.  Our approach does limit our availability and we typically only book with clients looking for an inspired and individual decor experience.   Getting to know our clients personally is what ensures a cohesive design concept that reflects your authentic expression of the occasion.  We are very creative thinkers and love developing memorable experiences.  Please submit any inquiries via the form below. 


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Event Venue
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If you're hosting a reception would you like additional designs for places such as; the bar, cake table, escort table, etc. ?
How many tables do you anticipate for guest seating? Have you thought of what type of centerpieces you'd like for those tables?
Please feel free to share any additional ideas or inspirations you have at this time. We understand things can change as the event evolves but let us know if you have anything special in mind.
We do not require a minimum. However, it is great to know your goal so we can provide an accurate estimate.