Color & Carnivale

It was our first meeting that sparked the inspiration for a truly genuine and unique wedding experience for everyone invited and involved.  The Bride and I met at the very coffee house where she first saw my card hanging on the community board. This was truly the first occurrence of the random 'cold call' from that message board.  In a strange way it is similar to a blind date where you honestly have no idea what you are getting yourself into.  Usually, I would send a series of emails that narrows down the look, style, and range of the project.  Then assess it's value and my level of interest to ensure that it is a strong match for the studio.  For whatever reason I didn't bother this time and I just fell into the rhythm of it all and set a time to meet.  To my surprise it ended up being every bit of the opportunity I was dreaming of. A very colorful and creative celebration that incorporated not only our floral design but also our full ensemble of circus artists.

As we met to discuss this project the inspirations continued to evolve into a full scale elaborate production. One that seemed so perfectly matched to the studios potential.   Learning that it was a Fall wedding to be hosted at Stone Tower WInery made it all the better.  The Location is simply stunning and one of the best new Venues in Loudoun County.  It being the winery's first season allowed us a bit more opportunity to push the envelope just a touch further into a whole new concept of celebration. They truly became engaged and interested in everything we had envisioned and were so supportive the entire way.  It is truly asking a lot of a venue when you start talking about suspended floral designs not to mention suspending people.

Building a complete floral chandelier that could still manage to safely rig all the apparatus was the greatest and most exciting challenge of the event.     Pictured above (on the left) is me climbing to hang all the little candle votives and final touches as we installed the last of the fresh content.   Being a professional aerialist is one thing but trying to be an aerial florist is an entirely new and exhausting feat to accomplish.   Naturally we built the majority of the design on the initial rise of just 8 feet.  As we continue to build the rig the chandelier is then 18.5 feet overheard and some of the content is just too delicate to risk.  So all the final touches were placed into the mechanics overhead while standing in a single foot knot on the rope.  The image on the right shows the finished design and gracefully enough we disguised all the rigging for both the hoop and the trapeze.

Another new and inspiring element of the event was designing a living loom.  We had never heard of this tradition at the studio and it was recommended by one of the officiants of the ceremony.  This allowed for all of the children to select a remnant of fabric that they felt expressed their ideas of family,love, self, and togetherness.  Then, during the ceremony they each wove their chosen fabric into a loom we built at the studio.  The loom was built entirely of living materials and designed into the chuppah. The piece in the end represents the integration of families and truly speaks to the individuality of this celebration.

The ceremony was a truly a  carnivale as the entire entourage of family and friends paraded down the aisle dressed in elaborate costumes.  It truly evoked a sense of flare and fantasy that resembles the genuine union of these two individuals and their families. The personal flowers were truly exciting to design as none of them were traditional and we got to try some new styles with hair pieces and hats.

After the ceremony came all the fun and excitement of the circus.  As the sun set over the beautiful landscape my favorite clowns started the show!  Not only did the show have guests laughing out loud we successfully left them in awe after two incredibly amazing aerial acts and some of the finest fire dancing you can find.

This Event was truly an exciting and inspiring celebration that allowed us at the studio to put all out potential to the test in one single event.  We had the chance to start seeing all our artistic visions mend into one.  You can imagine it might be strange at times to market yourself as both a circus artist and a florist.  Most people tilt their head and think twice for a second before moving on.  However, when one happy couple dares to let you dream it all up you stop at nothing. You meet every obstacle and challenge with a sense of pride and journey in doing every thing you love all at once.

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