Evening Attire

Today was a delightful and dreary rainy day on the farm.  Somewhere along the way I simply woke up full of inspiration to create a full floral headdress.  This was my first attempt at building a complete sculpture piece to cover the entire head.  I have had the opportunity to build some unique smaller pieces for some of my favorite weddings and clients but this one was intended to push my boundaries a little bit further.

Thankfully I fell in love with the most handsome and willing man you can find.  I have certainly put him up to a lot of ridiculous tasks but asking him to wear an evergreen headpiece sure was a new one.  He knew first off that it was not going to be a modest design and that it would be full of intricate details.

As I continued to work on the piece it seemed to take on its own personality and gradually grew to a  size that seemed almost unmanageable.  After a couple fittings we were able to get it to sit correctly on his head.  Of course, I kept inserting little sprigs of this and that to ensure it rested as naturally as possible and that it framed his face well.

I absolutely love the final result and hope its not a symptom of beginner's luck because we are going to be building  a lot more wearable floral art.

Flower Haus