Everything Yellow & Wild

Something about a Fall wedding might always be my favorite. I not sure if it is the colors or the soft chill in the air but Fall tends to be the most romantic time of year for me.  It might also be the fact that the typical color palate is more masculine in nature and not always so whimsical feeling.  There also tends to be more of an edge to the "look" which is always a bit more my style.

This past fall we had a great time building a yellow and silver wedding inspired by simple lemons and everything unique to the "countryside" style. Not one of the trending "country-chic" kinda weddings but more so the honest  look of farm to table.  It was literally just that...

The best thing about this wedding was the trust given to us by the bride and groom.  Such a genuine and righteous couple.  Not too mention dear friends of the studio since before it even became a real thing.  So we went all out and had a blast doing it.

The bridal alone required a 3 month intensive training program just to carry the damn thing.  It must have weighed 20 lbs but was well worth the 'weight'.  It wasn't until it got passed off to the maid of honor that I truly realized the burden of such beauty.  She was plenty strong enough but she also had to deal with her own maid's bouquet which honestly was the size of a "normal" bridal. I was worried she was gonna topple over in the middle of the ceremony.  Which, conveniently,  I was also officiating at the time so I would have been there to break her fall.

I must admit I was a bit nervous about being the officiant.  I have only filled this role a couple times before but never have I pulled double duty as the florist and the officiant.  If you really think it thru it makes perfect sense seeing as how I am already there anyways.

After the Ceremony we enjoyed a well deserved cocktail hour and had a chance to take in the surroundings.  The venue was Old House Vineyard in Culpepper, VA.  Certainly one of the more perfect settings for a wedding.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.53.53 PM.png

I always enjoy designing and working with friends because then you actually have the chance to be a guest and enjoy all the work you put into it.  The only catch is showing up ready to work and then running yourself into a full sweat trying to make everything just right.  Then comes the ever skillful pursuit of trying to get yourself all pretty again in some random corner of the smallest room imaginable.  Not to mention the genuine anxiety that the father of the bride is gonna walk in on you half naked.  That could always be awkward...

The reception was so elegant and simple in all the right ways.  There is always something fresh and clean about a room full of perfectly crisp white linens.  Especially with the bold touch of yellow flowers and cylinders full of lemons.

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