Generating Gratitude

This post is long overdue but it appears I needed the extra time to wrap my head around all the insight and understanding this opportunity provided me.  This event was certainly the largest scale wedding we have offered because it included designing all the flowers, lighting, and the drapery.  That being said, we have certainly done some large events in the past but this one required all hands on deck and several new additions to the crew.  As usual, everything was custom tailored and refined to the smallest of details.  Not to mention, that this wedding took over the entire venue by hosting guests in two separate locations while still requiring a full flip on the ceremony site.

Among all the effort and energy put into this event the one thing that strikes the strongest cord with me is the infinite amount of gratitude that was generated throughout the entire process. I'm not just referring to being grateful for the opportunity and all the people that helped to make it happen.  That's obvious. I am referring more directly to the reality that every ounce of effort and love I have put into this business is starting to show itself.  It is turning up in all the amazing people and possibilities along the way.  That, among many things, is what I am deeply grateful for.

I'm sure you've gotten the impression so far with my blog that the idea of being a florist is difficult in many rights.  However, it is rather simple in the fact that all you actually need to do is leave the place a little prettier than it was before you arrived.  That is a simple task, how you go about it can get very complicated.  However, as long as you (as the artist) continue to generate gratitude among your work all the challenges will be met with grace and poise.

When I developed the look for this client there wasn't even the slightest chance I could possibly pull it off.  In my true nature, however, I took a leap of faith and just put it out there.  Within minutes of booking the contract things just took flight in a way I couldn't have even thought to ask.  Keep in mind, I have never done full scale lighting or drapery much less all at the same time, for the first time.  Especially risky when doing so during a huge floral installation with chandeliers and everything else we get ourselves into.  It was epic and I had to send in for the troupes.

That is what gets me so excited about generative work and being confident that every effort I put myself into has the potential to conjure something more and bigger.  The greater test is putting my faith in what is bigger and keeping the faith that what becomes ever greater than that is still a part of who I am.  I am learning rather quickly to share everything I have with everyone I know, that is what generates the potential of gratitude.  That very gratitude is the only way I would have ever envisioned a greater potential in my self.

Above are two incredibly crucial individuals in helping to make this event a reality. One of which is the Mother of a Groom and the other a Bride from two different events last season.  Working with them both, on their events, became so genuine that they have grown to be friends and now a vital part of the success at the studio.   As you can see they deeply and genuinely enjoy themselves and that is really all we require in our helping hands.  The fact that they also have exceptional skills, dedication, and passion is parr for the course.

With everything from harvesting at the farm to designing on site, several dear friends and family were there to support the studio.  Support we desperately needed as it turned out that the floors weren't level and the elevated designs came crashing down.  We had a lot of challenges in front of us but never once did it seem impossible or unlikely that the event would be stunning.  Even more so impressive we all kept a strong smile on our face and enjoyed every second of it.  Well, honestly, I had a silent and brief panic attack when the first cylinder tipped over.  All is well, that ends well, so I rebuilt all 15 elevated designs on-site in the corner in less than an hour.

Flower Haus