Philly Flower Show ' 17

This year we had the amazing opportunity to design with some of the nation's top creative designers.  Welcomed by AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers) and paired with two of the leading conceptualists in armature development for sculptural design - Aniko & Ania (aka A&A).  

The design was an installation within a larger concept, but we were to build a cascading structure of flowers from the ground up.  Using only 1"x1" cut wood at different lengths we slowly but surely assembled a self supporting matrix by only using zip-ties to make each connection.    

After we got the structure crawling over the bridge and standing about 12' tall we started affixing bottles of water and lastly the flowers in a ombre effect from red to white.  The installation was part of a bronze winning exhibit and we couldn't have had any more fun working together. 

Flower Haus