Philly Flower Show '18


As a designer, the Philadelphia Flower Show holds a certain prestige.  I am fortunate enough to have been involved with the show for several years now.  All of the previous experiences I've had were certainly necessary to prepare me for the task I took on this past year at the show.  

It was September of last year when a new friend messaged me and asked if I'd be interested in collaborating on his first full concept for the show.  We had worked together the year prior on a smaller scale where we both were involved with a collaborative exhibit for AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers).  However, this year we were left to our own devices and couldn't have been any happier about it.  



I joined the project after the concept had been fully realized and drafted, to a certain extent while waiting to select the botanical elements.  That, naturally is where I came into focus for the project.  If you're familiar with our work here at the shop you can appreciate the diligence and detail that went into selecting even the smallest of statements selected for the composition. Our stubborn dedication to artistry is certainly matched, if not doubled, by the integrity of Wish Unlimited (The studio we partnered with for the exhibit).  Our powers combined certainly left nothing to question as we developed a cohesive concept with a very deliberate execution.  


That being said, we were specifically working 'out of the box' on this project.  If you've ever attended the show you are well aware that every installation has a certain sense of "perfection" or "standard of excellence" which we were determined to contradict, or by way of artistry, redefine in the space.  Which we accomplished with great success and recognition.  

The images alone speak for themselves and genuinely convey the concepts we aimed to target with this installation.  The theme of the show this year was "Wonders of Water" which left little room for interpretation but each exhibit really brought a unique vision to the theme.  Naturally, we showcased the power of water and how the growing concern for the environmental crisis can and will take shape on our immediate surroundings and our appreciation for beauty in the wake of disaster.  


Proud to share that we were honored a bronze medal for the design.  That says a lot when you take into account how far we pushed the boundaries of the show and further more how the audience is starting to shift into a greater appreciation for visual art by way of botany.  

(We had endless support from a crew of young artist from Shepherd University)

(We had endless support from a crew of young artist from Shepherd University)


All images in this post were taken by: #danieljacksonphoto


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