Resilience Remembered



On my usual walk to the HAUS this morning a few strong elements of nature stood in the light a very certain way as if to deliberately catch my attention.  Not the most beautiful of plants but by far the most resilient and demanding of life.  


Too often we struggle against the elements to contain and maintain our very own self awareness, despite the actually reality that it is most likely a false interpretation of the person we've truly become.  An entire industry of self help books, pod casts, and motivational speakers can all say the same thing a thousand different ways and still never make the point as brilliantly as Mother Nature.  

I think these images have struck my attention in response to several months, if not years, of dedicating myself to letting go of my own expectations.  We, as the human fabric of this culture, are all in the same boat and are all equally trying to initiate change or spark a moment of joy in the lives around us.  Now, more than ever this seems to be a self defeating action of determination that has driven the majority of us into some sense of self care and isolation. 


I worry that this direct choice can limit our resources while somehow still rejuvenate our spirits for the next round of instincts and interaction.  When I see these profound testaments to life in the most disrespectful environments, I feel a surge of guilt followed by an equal passage of strength.  

It seems apparent that we cannot carry on with any remorse for what is current is the simple moment we all share.  The determination to find self and sanctuary within the despair of our culture is easily identified in the resilience of nature.  It is also true that all the effort we put into discovering and expressing ourselves might not result in anything more gratifying than a moment in the sun...but that moment, if lived to it's fullest - is all we could ever ask to achieve.